Nat Turner: Power in the Blood Pt 1 (New)

Story by Julien Brinson

Art by Joshua Clarke

In 1831, Nat Turner led one of the largest slave rebellions in the United States after witnessing a solar eclipse. What the history books won't tell you is that Nat Turner and many of his co-conspirators gained superpowers from the eclipse. For the first time, hear this amazing tale from the last remaining survivor.

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Supafly Squad

Story by Julien Brinson

Art by J. C. Grande

Jaydah, Imani, and Malik are three teenagers attending Space Academy. They thought they'd be making memories for a lifetime, but their lives are about to change forever.

Deep Water Horizon

Story by Julien Brinson

Art by Toyin Ajetunmobi

What if there was a secret underwater civilization that rescued slaves thrown overboard during the Middle Passage? It's Wakanda meets Atlantis in Deep Water Rising, an epic tale of action, afrofuturism, and rebellion.