Cover of Nat Turner: Power in the Blood

Nat Turner: Power in the Blood Part 1

In 1831, Nat Turner led one of the largest slave rebellions in the United States after witnessing a solar eclipse. What the history books won't tell you is that Nat Turner and many of his fellow slaves gained superpowers from the eclipse. For the first time, hear this amazing tale from the last remaining survivor.

Fifty whole pages of art by Joshua Clarke!

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Super Power to the People!!!

Green Book Comics wants to aid in the media renaissance. 

In the days of Jim Crow, Victor H. Green published The Negro Motorist Green-Book to help Black Americans navigate the dismissive at best, lethal at worst American environment. Green Book Comics plans to build upon that legacy. By centering Black characters, storytellers and stories, we hope to radically service everyone just as the companies in the original Green Book radically served everyone by serving Black Americans. 



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